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    Programme Detail
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    Programme Code : AB-0005
    Level : Professional Diploma
    QF Level : 4
    Programme Title : Professional Diploma in Insurance (PDI)
    Commencement Date : 2021-07-05
    Contact Hours : 240
    Fee : $ 30,800.00
    Enquiry : Dr. Fred Li (Programme Director) (Tel: 2836 1864, fredcfli@vtc.edu.hk)/ Ms. Carrie Kwan (Programme Officer)(Tel: 2836 1852, Email: carriekwan@vtc.edu.hk)/ Ms. Brenda Fung (Programme Secretary)(Tel: 2836 1374, Email: bfwi@vtc.edu.hk) Fax: 2891 5707
    Email : bfwi@vtc.edu.hk
    Attachment : Enrollment Form
    PDI July 2021 Schedule
    Programme Information General Information Relevant Programmes Progression Path Seminars Schedule
    Programme Information
    This programme is recognised under the Qualifications Framework
    QF Level: 4
    QR Registration No.: 14/002698/L4
    Validility Period: 01/04/2014 to 31/03/2022
    Program Aims:
    The Professional Diploma in Insurance (PDI) is designed for learners who wish to excel in their career through education programmes in the field of life insurance, general insurance and financial planning. This Programme has been developed in conjunction with practicing industry specialists and provides specialist education and professional accreditation for the insurance industry.
    Program Objectives:
    1.     Provide students with an understanding of specialist knowledge and skills in the insurance and financial services sector through reflective and innovative approaches;
    2.     Develop students’ ability of performing various job duties in a professional manner at both the functional and cross-functional levels; and
    3.     Prepare students for further education and professional development in the insurance and financial services sector.
    Programme Intended Learning Outcomes
    On completion of the programme, students will be able to:
    (a)  apply a systematic body of knowledge appropriate to manage independent insurance work applications;
    (b)  identify, gather and evaluate information as well as communicate effectively and appropriately in a broad range of professional work activities relating to insurance and financial services;
    (c)  define, analyze and solve structured and unstructured problems in insurance and financial services sector by selecting and using relevant information; and 
    (d)  perform duties in compliance with relevant requirements and professional codes of conduct in the insurance and financial services sector. 
    Program Features:
    Further Education for working adults in the field of life insurance, general insurance and financial planning
    Graduates are eligible to apply for Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) Senior Associate Membership and be awarded up to a maximum 120 Chartered Insurance Institute(CII) credits. 
    Students completing 4 PDI modules including one ANZIIF legal module are eligible for ANZIIF Associate Membership
    PDI “Insurance Principle and Practice” can obtain exemption of Society of Registered Financial Planners (HKRFP)  “Insurance Planning”; PDI “Financial Planning” can obtain exemption of HKRFP “Financial Planning”, “Tax Planning”; PDI “Personal Investment and Financial Services can obtain exemption of HKRFP “Investment Planning”
    Flexible modular structure with choices to complete within 4 years
    8 modules of 30 lecture hours each ($3,850 per module until further adjustment). There are normally 3 trimesters each year commencing in March, July and November
    PDI can be recognized as Type 3 or Type 5 Qualified CPD Activity with details as per Guideline on Continuing Professional Development for Licensed Insurance Intermediaries (“GL24”) issued by the Insurance Authority
    Learners must take 8 modules with the below 2 compulsory modules.
    Compulsory module:
    791I2 Insurance Principle and Practice
    Plus at least one legal module from:
    793I2 Legal Aspect of General Insurance
    798I2 Legal Aspects of Life Insurance
    799I2 Legal Framework for Insurance Contract
    Remaining modules selected from any range of interdisciplinary specializations as listed below for reference:
    780I2 Insurance Organization Operations
    791I2 Insurance Principleand Practice
    792I2 Insurance Underwriting and Claims
    799I2 Legal Framework for Insurance Contract #
    Life & Health insurance stream:
    796I2 Life and Health Insurance
    797I2 Life Insurance Underwriting and Claims # *
    798I2 Legal Aspect of Life Insurance #
    Financial Planning stream:
    783I2 Personal Investment and Financial Services
    784I2 Financial Planning
    785I2 Business Financial Planning
    General insurance stream:
    793I2 Legal Aspect of General Insurance #
    794I2 Property Insurance
    795I2 Motor Insurance
    781I2 Liability Insurance
    782I2 Marine and Aviation Insurance
    Students who complete 4 PDI modules including one ANZIIF legal module# are eligible to ANZIIF Associate Membership
    Students graduated in 2012 and thereafter are eligible to ANZIIF Senior Associate Membership
    Graduates is awarded maximum up to 120 Credits at CII Diploma Level  and Certificate Level in insurance qualifications of CII recognition of prior learning (by selecting the appropriate PDI modules awarded under different corresponding CII credits with details as per Notes to student)
    *Pre-requisite requirement for students taking the module of 797I2 Life Insurance Underwriting and Claims: at least a passing grade of module796I2 Life and Health Insurance or equivalent; OR students can demonstrate sufficient knowledge and skills to complete the module successfully, say preferably possessing a minimum of 2 years’ relevant work experience in life and health Claims or Underwriting, etc., with approval of the Programmer Leader.
    Students should have some basic related technical knowledge before studying the specialized modules, especially for those Financial Planning stream which would require some related mathematical concepts.
    Entry Requirements:
    Five HKDSE subjects at Level 2 or above, including English Language and Chinese Language with 2 or more years’ relevant full-time working experience; OR
    Five HKCEE subjects at Grade E / Level 2 or above, including English Language# and Chinese Language with 3 or more years’ relevant full-time working experience; OR
    Mature applicants, i.e. those aged 23 or above, with 2 or more years of relevant full-time working experience may also be accepted subject to a satisfactory admission interview.
    # HKCEE English Language taken in 2006 or before should be at Grade E or above (Syllabus B) / Grade C or above (Syllabus A)

    Student's notes: Please downloadhere


    Programme Director
    Dr. Fred LI
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