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    Code Title Level Start Date Remark
    PBA00043 Mind Management Series - Stress Management Module 3: Positive Thinking (2) Short Course  2019-12-16
    SC-2067-11 Boost Your Work Competence with NLP Module 8: Handling Difficult Customers Short Course  2019-12-17
    611F3 Advanced Technical Analysis Module 1: Volume, Open Interest Short Course  2019-12-18
    732F2 Dealing with Business and People Successfully in the Internet Age (Financial Service Professionals) Module 2: How to make your business more successful in the Internet Age’s Financial Service Industry Short Course  2019-12-18
    818E2 Risk Assessment and Management for Financial Service Executives Module 4: Techniques of Reading Risks from Financial Statements II Short Course  2019-12-18
    PE4200250 FinTech & The Finance Industry Module 2: Robo-Advisor : Do Investors need People anymore? Short Course  2019-12-19
    PE4200225 Global Taxation Overview Module 2: Common Reporting Standard Short Course  2019-12-20
    PE4200397 MPF Training Programme Module 5 : Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions (TVCs) for MPF Intermediaries Short Course  2019-12-20, 2019-12-24, 2019-12-30
    396E2 Sales Compliance Reviews and Updates for Financial Products Intermediaries Module 2: MPF Recent Development Short Course  2019-12-20
    453D2 Key Economic Indicators and Investment Planning Module 3: Coincident and Lagging Economic Indicators Short Course  2019-12-21
    PE4200184 Legacy Planning and Legacyology Module 3 : Mainland Estate Planning and Related Compliance Short Course  2019-12-21
    PE4200178 Mainland Contemporary Financial Topics Module 5: Renminbi internationalization: Strategy and financial reform Short Course  2019-12-21
    PE4200444 Derivative Financial Instruments Module 1: Warrant Investment Short Course  2019-12-23
    PE4200445 Derivative Financial Instruments Module 2: Inline Warrant, Derivatives of A Shares ETF, Currencies and Commodities Short Course  2019-12-23
    274E2 Law Relating to Asset Protection - Trusts Short Course  2019-12-23
    PE4200410 Advanced Technical Analysis – Ichimoku Module 1: Basic Principles Short Course  2019-12-27
    PE4200411 Advanced Technical Analysis – Ichimoku Module 2: Trend, Support & Resistance Short Course  2019-12-27
    PE4200412 Advanced Technical Analysis – Ichimoku Module 3: Trading Strategies Short Course  2019-12-27
    PE4200224 Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance and Relevant Regulatory Requirements Module 3 : AML/CFT Compliance - Potential High Risk Areas Short Course  2019-12-27
    761F2 Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance and Relevant Regulatory Requirements Module 1 Short Course  2019-12-27
    CPD Programme CEF Programme New Programme English Putonghua
    # It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead. Please refer to the corresponding programme page in this website for the registered course no.
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