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    (NEW) 2021-07-08  Registration Arrangement for the Salespersons Qualifying Examination scheduled for 18 August 2021

    Start of registration: Commencing at 9:00 a.m. on 14 July 2021
    Registration Method:

    1. Online Registration (https://www.vtc.edu.hk/cpdc/econline/eaa) (FULL)
    2. Registration by post  (FULL)
    3. Registration in person or by a representative* (FULL)

    *The following arrangements for registration in person or by a representative will be implemented during the registration period and while seats are still available:

    1.   Quota tags may be distributed to applicants if a large number of applicants are queuing up at the enrolment counter.

    2.   Real-name Registration for quota tag will be implemented.

    2.1       Each applicant is required to provide the candidate’s name and HKID Card / Passport number at the time of quota tag allotment. Any applicant who fails to provide the candidate’s information as required will NOT be allotted with any quota tags.
    2.2       A candidate’s name and his/her partial identification document number will be recorded and written on the quota tag. Changes to the candidate’s information on the quota tag will NOT be permitted. 
    2.3       An applicant can ONLY submit an entry form which bears the same name and identification document number as recorded on the quota tag. Otherwise, the Examination Centre will NOT accept the registration for the examination.

    3.   One quota tag is allotted for one person and each applicant may only submit one entry form each time. Those who want to be allotted more than one quota tag or submit more than one entry form must queue up again after submitted 1st entry form.

    4.   All quota tags are distributed and allotted on a first-come-first-served basis, and shall not be transferred or sold in any way.

    5.   The number of quota tags for each examination session is limited. Applicants who are not allotted with tags may try to submit their registration by post/online.

    6.   Applicants should follow the instructions given by the VTC Staff and Security Officers for queuing up

    7.   All applicants who have been allotted with quota tags are required to return the quota tags and complete their applications at the enrolment counter by 8 pm on the same day, otherwise the quota tags shall become invalid. Any applicant who is unable to return his/her quota tag will be rejected from registration by the Examination Centre.

    Applicants are encouraged to register online so as to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

    2021-06-29  Notice for Estate Agents / Salespersons Qualifying Examinations

    Important Notice regarding the increase of qualifying examination fees. Please click here.

    2021-03-29   Notice for Estate Agents / Salespersons Qualifying Examinations

    Important Notice regarding the extension of special arrangement in response to the development of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please click here.

    2021-01-04   Handling of Unsuccessful Postal Applications for Paper-based Salespersons Qualifying Examination / Estate Agents Qualifying Examination from 2021 onwards

    For all postal applications in respect of paper-based examinations scheduled to be held on or after 1 January 2021, if request for collection of unsuccessful applications and/or the Cheques or Cashier's Orders attached thereto is not made by the applicants to PEAK Examination Centre within 2 months from the date of release of the results / the date of the cancellation announcement being made (“Deadline”), such applications, documents and / or Cheques or Cashier’s Orders will be passed to the Estate Agents Authority after the Deadline for disposal and destruction.

     ** For general announcement of PEAK Examination Centre, please visit HOME.

    Passing of a Qualifying Examination is only one of the conditions for the grant of licence. For other licensing conditions, please refer to the Estate Agents Ordinance and Estate Agents (Licensing) Regulation for details.
      Paper-based Examination Computer-based Examination

    Examination Timetable

    Jan-Mar 2021

    Jan-Mar 2021

    Salespersons Qualifying Examination (SQE)

    Apr-Jun 2021

    Apr-Jun 2021

    Salespersons Qualifying Examination (SQE)

    Jul-Sep 2021

    Jul-Sep 2021

    Salespersons Qualifying Examination (SQE)

    Oct-Dec 2021


    Registration Methods


    1. By post
    2. Online registration, please press here

    Registration can only be made online, please press here to register


    Registration Documents


    Application Procedure
    Instructions to Candidates
    Examination Handbook
    Demonstration of the Computer-based Examination


    Registration Address


    PEAK Examination Centre
    M/F, VTC Tower
    27 Wood Road
    Wan Chai, Hong Kong

    The SQE Computer-based Examination can ONLY be made online


    Important Notice

    Notes on Personal Information Collection in Connection with Estate Agents / Salespersons Qualifying Examinations

    For registration matters PEAK Examination Centre, Vocational Training Council
    Tel. No.: 2919 1467 / 2919 1468 / 2919 1478
    For licensing requirements and educational qualification Licensing Unit, Estate Agents Authority ("EAA")
    Tel. No.: 2111 2777 (press 2-2-2)
    Webpage: www.eaa.org.hk/en-us/Licensing/Licensing-requirements
    For other enquiries on EAA qualifying examinations Qualifying Examination Unit, EAA
    Tel. No.: 2111 2777 (press 2-2-1)
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