Important Note: Please read carefully and prepare the following information before enrolment

Applicant for online enrolment should be the candidate himself/herself. Applicant should read the "Examination Handbook" and "Online Enrolment Instructions" carefully before enrolment.

I have read and agree to the conditions set forth in the "Examination Handbook" and "Online Enrolment Instructions".

Please have the following ready:

  • Hong Kong Identity Card / Passport
  • Hong Kong Mobile Phone Number (For emergency use)
  • Email Address
NOTES ON PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTION in Connection with the Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading Examination

With the coming into force of Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance on 20 December 1996, the following Notes are prepared to assist you in understanding your rights and obligations in relation to the supply of personal data by you to the Institute of Professional Education And Knowledge Examination Centre of the Vocational Training Council ("Examination Centre") and the manner in which the Examination Centre may use or deal with such data in connection with the Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading Examination and other matters. You are strongly advised to read these Notes carefully before you confirm the Consent at the foot thereof.
The Examination Centre may transfer or transmit the personal data and any examination-related information (e.g. examination result and information on the candidate’s conduct and behaviour while taking the examination) of those candidates who have enrolled for the Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading Examination to the Securities and Futures Commission ("SFC"). The personal data and examination-related information so transferred or provided may be used by the SFC for monitoring, verifying and matching (including “matching procedure” as defined in s.2 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Cap 486) purposes as well as any other related purposes of assisting them to perform and discharge their functions.
You are entitled under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to request access to or to request the correction of any data supplied by you, in the manner and subject to the limitations prescribed therein. All enquiries should be directed to the Examination Centre.

Consent for NOTES ON PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTION in Connection with the Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading Examination
I, hereby confirm and acknowledge that I have read and understood the above Notes before furnishing my personal data to the Examination Centre. I voluntarily consent to the use of such data (including the Hong Kong Identity Card and Passport number) and all personal data I previously supplied, if any, by the SFC for the purposes of discharging all or any of their functions described in the said Notes and for any other purposes directly related to those purposes.
Important Reminder
Please complete the online enrolment procedures (Select Examination Session >> Provide Candidate Particulars >> Provide Credit Card Information >> Complete Online Payment) within 20 minutes. In case of failure to complete the enrolment within 20 minutes, or system breakdowns, the selected examination sessions will be released. You have to start over the enrolment procedures again.
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