• 2024-04-02 Express Application for Reissuance of Notification of Result/Certificate (Insurance Intermediaries Qualifying Examination /Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Examination)

    In addition to the current normal application, candidates for the IIQE/MPFE (Pencil-and-Paper and Computer Screen Mode) candidates can now apply for express service to request reissuance of their Notifications of Result/Certificates.

    Normal Application processing time is 7 working days after receipt of the application (excluding the confirmation date).  Express Application processing time is 3 working days after receipt of the application (excluding the confirmation date). 

    The “Reissuance of Notification of Result/Certificate Application Form” can be downloaded from here or collected from the PEAK Examination Centre counter. 

    Please refer to the Application Details in the Reissuance of Notification of Result/Certificate Application Form for application methods, fees, procedures and details.

    02 Apr 2024

  • 2023-03-01 Updated Special Examination Arrangement

    Please note that:

    1.     Candidates who have a fever, cough, diarrhoea, vomiting or other flu-like symptoms should seek medical advice immediately and SHOULD NOT attend the examination.  Please also inform PEAK Exam Centre during office hours.

    2.     Candidates should also check the website of the PEAK Exam Centre before the examination for any updated special examination arrangements.

    01 Mar 2023

  • 2023-01-30 Notice

    Renovation works are being carried out at VTC Tower. During the period, noise nuisances may be caused by the renovation works. For enquiries, please contact PEAK at 2836 1922.

    (Posted since 05 Nov 2020)

  • 2022-08-17 Permanent Launch of the Remote Invigilation Mode Examination (RIME) for 3 Insurance Intermediaries Qualifying Examination (IIQE) Papers

    From 9 September 2022 onwards, RIME will be offered to the public as a permanent option for taking the following IIQE papers:

    (1) the Principles and Practice of Insurance (P&P) paper,
    (2) the General Insurance (GI) paper, and
    (3) the Long Term Insurance (LT) paper.

    RIME is only available to individuals who are not existing licensees but who wish to be licensed by the Insurance Authority (“IA”).  Individuals who are already licensed to carry on regulated activities in certain lines of business cannot rely on RIME results for the purpose of varying their line of business.

    Candidates who pass the relevant RIME papers would be considered, for the purposes of licensing, as having passed the equivalent IIQE papers, such that they can be granted an intermediary licence by the IA to carry on regulated activities in the lines of business that passing these papers would permit, subject to the fulfillment of all other applicable licensing requirements. However, within 18 months counting from the date of passing the RIME paper (“the 18-month period”), candidates must also:

    i)       attend a tailor-made course to be administered by VTC for the relevant IIQE paper (a certain number of CPD hours will be available for such course) (please refer to the PEAK website for details; or
    ii)      pass the relevant original IIQE paper.

    Or otherwise, their licence will expire upon the expiry of the 18-month period.

    The examination fee of RIME is HK$850 per paper.  RIME is provided on a biweekly basis.  Seats are limited for each session.  Candidates can take the RIME remotely at home or at a private location of their choice on their own computers (provided they are in a quiet and well-lit private room, and have a stable internet connection, a webcam, microphone and speaker, which enables remote invigilation to take place).

    Candidates should read the Examination Handbook of RIME carefully and make sure they meet the requirements set out on the Examination Handbook (RIME), especially the Technical (section 3 and Appendix III) and Environment Requirements (section 4) for the RIME, and the Intermediary Licensing Requirements (section 2.1.6) after the RIME, before enrolment.

    For the enrolment, please press here.

    For the licensing enquiries, please refer to the IA website or contact the IA through its hotline at  3899 9983 (press 3-2-1-0 after selecting language) or email at

    17 Aug 2022