About PEAK


Institute of Professional Education And Knowledge (PEAK) is a member of VTC Group and with over 20 years of experience in professional training and corporate human resources development. We are one of the leading in-service training organisations and qualifying bodies in Hong Kong.  We provide a variety of professional programmes covering the areas of financial services, management, information technology, languages, construction, real estate and aviation to suit various levels of ability, experience, proficiency and aspirations of learners. In the area of corporate training, since 2003 more than 200 well-established companies have adopted our products and services to enhance the technical competency and professional expertise of their employees.


PEAK run a large portfolio of professional examinations including Insurance Intermediaries Qualifying Examination, Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Examination, Estate Agents / Salespersons Qualifying Examinations and the trade test for security guards. Industry practitioners can earn recognised qualifications and move ahead in their professional pathways.