We have been a leader and pioneer in applying information technology to training and development. To help local organisations and managers exploit the advantages of e-learning or mobile learning with minimal effort, we have partnered with SkillSoft Corporation, an international leader in web-based business and IT programmes.

PEAK has established the eLC (e-Learning Centre) since 2000 which provides various e-Learning products and services to corporations covering the following areas:

  • Off-the-shelf e-Learning Solutions

  • Customised e-Learning Courseware development

  • Corporate University Solutions

  • Content hosting and Learning Management System Solutions

  • E-learning Implementation and consultancy


In collaboration with SkillSoft Corporation, an international leader in e-Learning and digital solutions, as well as other local and overseas partners, PEAK offers a full range of off-the-shelf learning content to regional organisations and managers.

  • Leadership Development

  • Business Skills Training

  • Digital Transformation Training

  • Digital Skills Training

  • Technology, Developer and Certification Solutions

  • Language skills

  • Online Books and Resources

Through the partnership, a comprehensive range of e-learning curricula with over thousands of English Business courses and hundreds of Chinese Business programmes is introduced to Hong Kong, Macau and Asia Pacific regions etc.


Customised e-Learning Solution Development

In addition to Off-the-shelf e-Learning content, PEAK also helps regional corporations to design and develop e-Learning content that addresses the specific needs of distinctive corporations. Key service areas include:

  • Curriculum planning and design

  • Graphic and multimedia design

  • Instructional Design

  • Multimedia production, Programming

  • Animated videos

  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Learning Apps

  • etc


Corporate University Solutions and Content Hosting

Not all organisations will begin their e-Learning venture by acquiring a Learning Management System (LMS). To better support these organisations, PEAK offers Corporate University Services where organisations can take advantage of PEAK’s LMSes and learning infrastructure to deliver and manage learning activities in-house. Components of the PEAK Corporate University Solution include:

  • LMS services for staff (Staff, Instructor, Managers, Administrators, etc.)

  • Learner management and learning reports

  • Management of learning activities (e.g. training classes, etc.)

  • e-Learning content management and delivery

  • Technical support

  • Online assessment facilities such as personality and competence assessment are also available to individuals and organisations


What our Clients' Feedback

Thanks to PEAK for providing very professional advice in e-learning courses design and technical issue, understanding customer needs with heart, and continuously improving and striving for perfection! PEAK is a trusted partner!

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For enquiry, please contact:

Keith Cheung   Training Consultant
Tel: 2836 1379
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