Estate Agents / Salespersons Qualifying Examinations

One of the requirements for the grant of an estate agent’s licence (individual) and a salesperson’s licence is having passed the relevant qualifying examination within the 12 months immediately prior to the application. There are two different qualifying examinations:

  • Estate Agents Qualifying Examination (EAQE) 
  • Salespersons Qualifying Examination (SQE) 

A candidate who passes the EAQE may apply for either an estate agent’s licence (individual) or a salesperson’s licence.  A candidate who passes the SQE can apply for a salesperson’s licence only. 

The Qualifying Examinations are administered by Institute of Professional Education And Knowledge (“PEAK”) of the Vocational Training Council (“VTC”), and will be conducted by the PEAK Examination Centre (“PEAK Exam Centre”) of the VTC.

For examination details and related information, please click here or call: 2919 1467 / 2919 1468 / 2919 1478.